Grab Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB UNLOCKED Cyber Monday deal for $399 from Amazon

Black Friday 2015 might belong to the past now, though the Cyber Monday has just commenced, with a bunch of jaw-dropping deals coming your way. Amongst the best-selling tech products during the said shopping season are smartphones, especially the high-tier ones, that are featuring stellar displays and beasting CPU and GPU performances. One of these … Read more

Best Black Friday Deals on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, S6 Edge and S6 smartphones

Black Friday Deals on Samsung Smartphones

For all those looking to buy Samsung smartphones, the online retailers are offering huge savings on the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge Plus smartphones. Black Friday deals on Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon are all offering up to $300 off on these phones that are just not to be missed. Best Deals on … Read more

Apple iPhone 6S Vs HTC One M9 Vs Samsung Galaxy S6: Which one to buy!

The iPhone 6S, Apple’s possibly best iPhone has been presented and it is said to be one of 2016’s benchmark smartphones so it is at the very least expected that other big companies will be thrown to the line to improve their design and performance characteristics  and ultimately get the lead. So let’s take a … Read more

Huawei Ascend Mate S Vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs HTC One M9: Which one to buy!

With a plethora of new smartphones making their appearance at the IFA 2015, we need to take a moment and consider which of those new released deserves to be titled as the best one. And considering that we all know more or less which ones are worthy enough to claim that title, here is a … Read more