Microsoft Corporation acquires Metanautix big-data-focused startup

The Redmond giant has just announced through a blog post that it has obtained the low-profile big-data-focused startup, called Metanautix, specializing in assisting large enterprises in filtering the in-house data. Metanautix was founded back in September of 2014, by Toli Lerios and Theo Vassilakis, who have formerly worked for Facebook and Google tech companies, respectively. Furthermore, a … Read more

Sony PlayStation 4 CRASHES Microsoft Corporation Xbox One during Black Friday

A new study has emerged online, projecting the total sales of the three major video gaming consoles currently in the marker, Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U, during the renowned Black Friday shopping season. The battle between video gaming consoles is an ongoing procedure, showcasing different winners and losers in the … Read more

Microsoft Corporation launches Cortana beta app for iOS 9

Microsoft Corporation has rolled out the Cortana digital assistant beta app for Apple’s iOS operating system. We’ve been expecting that for six months since the news were spread to the world of technology for the first time. Microsoft has silently been developing its beta program that will allow Cortana, the virtual assistant known for its high … Read more