Sony PlayStation 4 CRASHES Microsoft Corporation Xbox One during Black Friday

A new study has emerged online, projecting the total sales of the three major video gaming consoles currently in the marker, Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U, during the renowned Black Friday shopping season.

The battle between video gaming consoles is an ongoing procedure, showcasing different winners and losers in the field every quarter of the year that passes on.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping season constitutes one of the most significant dates of the year for consumer electronics – smartphones, tablets, consoles etc. – where even the underdog can take a notable leap forward.

According to InfoScout’s results, Microsoft’s Xbox One has been dethroned from last year’s success during Black Friday, by its arch nemesis, Sony’s PlayStation 4, amongst the main consumer base that all gaming consoles are primarily targeting towards, millennials (age 18-35).

More specifically, the PS4 attained the victorious 48% of the aforementioned market, followed by Xbox One’s 32% and then Nintendo’s Wii U humble 19%. On any average day, the aforementioned scored 39%, 39% and 20% respectively.

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When it comes to the less demanding middle-aged fraction of the gaming market, the Xbox One came first with a 37% stake, followed by PS4’s 33% and Wii U’s 30% -the latter appears to have bigger resonance to adults than youngsters. On any average day, the three consoles secured 35%, 30% and 34% accordingly from the specific age group.

The above statistics are based on 250,000 receipts accumulated during Thanksgiving and Black Friday, while the 150,000 of them account solely for Black Friday.

Prior to the launch of the shopping season at hand, a report published by Strategy Analytics, claimed that despite the PS4 leading in sales during the first three-quarters of 2015, the Xbox One still had the opportunity to make a strong comeback during the Black Friday-Thanksgiving-Cyber Monday season, had it orchestrated a substantial pattern of price drops in bundles of high-demand.

Hence, it is now safe to draw to the logical inference that Redmond has lost this year’s run against the Japanese tech giant – at least in the video gaming field – were the two companies have been in a conflict since the early 2000s’.

Source: InfoScout

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Joe Cimmarrusti says:

Wow, here we have it again the idea that if don’t sell the most consoles, you are pretty much out of the game. The bottom line for both companies is did they make money? As long as there is cash and money for shareholders, there is something. Now for consumers…if you love your PS4 and the freebies you receive from PS Plus, you better hope that Microsoft stays in the game. If a monopoly starts, freebies will stop or become pathetically poor. And finally, as long as all three companies make the exclusive you enjoy, be happy and play the game!

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