Serious Security Flaw Identified for Hackers to Steal iPhone Passwords

It has been discovered that Apple’s iOS mobile platform, as well as the OS X desktop operating system have a major security flaw. Security researchers just discovered the problem, which has since been confirmed by Apple. With this flaw in place, hackers have the ability to build an application that can steal all saved passwords … Read more

Flight Management Made Easy with Microsoft’s Cortana

This week, Microsoft is on a roll. In addition to announcing the Xbox One with 1TB of storage space and wireless controls, the company is offering Cortana for tracking and managing all phases of flight travel. Currently, voice assistant Siri offered by rival Apple is becoming more intelligent in iOS 9 so Microsoft is stepping up … Read more

Bug Causes Skype to Crash

In addition to a bug being discovered causing iPhones to crash based on a simple string of characters, now Skype has been affected in a similar fashion. If someone received a Skype message with a string of http://: not only would the application not open but it actually crashed, regardless if opened on Windows, iOS, … Read more

The Unveiling of Google Photos Online Photo and Video Storage Service

Of the different product announcements from last week’s Google I/O developer’s conference, many people were most excited about Google Photos. Compared to other great announcements like offline navigation using Google Maps and Brillo, an operating system for the Internet of Things, Google Photos garnered a lot of attention. This cross platform service is designed to … Read more