Black Friday 2015 streaming devices: Amazon Fire TV stick, Roku 3, Apple TV and Google Chromecast deals are live

Online streaming of TV series and movies is a system that has been originally developed by Netflix – which recently managed to overcome YouTube in terms of viewership – and now is slowly killing the good old cable that cost a fortune and offered significantly less. With the above facts being taken under consideration and … Read more

Apple Music for Apple TV gets Siri Search support in 2016

Apple has just confirmed that Apple Music for Apple TV will be integrated with Siri Search in early 2016. Back in June, during WWDC 2015, Apple revealed a slew of new software goodness, including Mac OS X El Capitan and iOS 9 desktop and mobile operating systems respectively. In addition to these two, Cupertino went … Read more

Apple Introducing Watch App Developer’s Tool Kit

Initially, Apple did not create an application for the Apple Watch since this device had limited animation and loading time took several seconds. According to Phillip Ryn, founder of Impending, a mobile game developer, there were constraints as to what programs could be created. However, Ryn now feels different about the situation. He stated that … Read more