Sony PlayStation 4 crashes Xbox One and Chromecast beats Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire in sales

A new report from Strategy Analytics has surfaced online, suggesting that during the third quarter of 2015, Sony’s PlayStation 4 had overtaken by far Microsoft’s Xbox One in sales, while Google’s Chromecast streaming device seems to be dominating at its respective field as well.

The study shows that, at the time of writing, 53 million units of TV-connected devices have been sold, including smart TVs, video gaming consoles and streaming boxes.

Based on the particular growth pace, estimations assume that by the end of Q4 221 million units will be sold in total, resulting in an overall 17% increase over last year – 2014.

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When it comes to video gaming consoles, the research claims that the Japanese tech giant has managed to attain double the sales than Redmond, though, the author behind the paper also believes that it is still possible for the Xbox One to make a comeback until Christmas, but if and only if Microsoft follows a well-orchestrated pattern of price drops in bundles of high demand.

Moreover, Samsung leads the Smart TVs playground, having its logo on 1 in 4 units globally.

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Circling back to streaming devices, the report entertains the notion of Google prevailing in the league with its rather simplistic Chromecast dongle.

From our point of view, we would attribute this success to the fact that the Chromecast turns a conventional TV into a smart one, by letting the user browse the web via Google Chrome, download apps from Play Store and much more.

The rest of the rivals, including Apple TV, Roku’s box, and Amazon Fire stick, are sort of limited to series, movies and music streaming.

Numbers wise, as aforementioned, the Chromecast holds the largest fragment of the market, at 35%, Apple comes in second with a 20% market cut while Roku and Amazon share a humble 16% each. Furthermore, 9.2 million units of streaming devices have been sold worldwide during the three quarters of 2015.

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It is worth noting though that the above stats account for the period between the first and the third quarter, hence we should not draw to any conclusions just yet, as all the above brands have recently refreshed their respective line-ups, so tables might turn to a certain degree whatsoever.

The fourth and last quarter will be hitting the finish line in just a month, and then we will all know for sure how these tech giants performed during the course of Q4.

Source: Strategy Analytics (paid subscription)

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