Sony and Panasonic working together on 8K TV technology

As Japan starts preparing for the upcoming Olympics to be held in Tokyo in 2020, two major TV manufacturers of the country gear up to upgrade the entertainment technology. Sony and Panasonic are on their way to make an alliance with Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) to uplift the current video standard in the industry to 8K resolution.

Recently, Japanese television manufacturers are losing their market share in around the globe due to stiff competition. South Korean brands like Samsung and LG and some Chinese companies like the LeTv are gradually taking over the television market. This phenomenon is motivating the Japanese brands to unite and face the rivals with unmatchable technology.

Sony and Panasonic working on 8K technology

Sony and Panasonic are planning to work together to bring the futuristic 8K technology in the market way before their competitors. They have set a target to make the technology available in the market before the 2020 Olympics, which is scheduled to be held in Japan.

In fact, from both business and technical perspective, the Japanese companies have a strategic advantage to capture the television market around the world. This opportunity is only because of the upcoming Olympics Games. Well, let me explain it to you.

We have seen that in spite of the abundant availability of 4K TVs in the market, they have never been successful as they should have been. Although 4K brings a lot of improvement from the Full HD resolution, its demand has never skyrocketed. This is mainly because while more and more manufacturers outed their 4K televisions, the amount of 4K ready contents were almost non-existent. This made the consumers watch Full HD contents on their 4K TVs, which is a waste of resources. Just recently, the number of 4K videos are gradually increasing and slowly driving up the sale of 4K televisions.

Learning from the mistake, Sony and Panasonic have chosen the Olympics for bringing the 8K technology. To ensure that there will be enough 8K contents available at the time of their 8K TV launch, they have partnered with Japan Broadcasting Corporation or NHK. NHK will be in charge of providing 8K contents, and there is nothing better than the Olympics. The Japanese companies plan to take full advantage of the Tokyo Olympics by shooting the entire Olympic in 8K resolution. They plan to use people’s urge to watch the Olympics in 8K to push the sale of their upcoming 8K TVs.

The 8K features four times the resolution of that of 4K and sixteen times of Full HD. The Japanese also plan to improve the sound technology along with the visual enhancement. This extremely high resolution will require immense processing power. A processor company called Socionext is working to make the right chip for the forthcoming 8K TVs.

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