Snapchat charges $1 to replay 3 snaps

VENICE, CA- Snapchat, Inc.The renowned photo messaging app announced that it will allow users to replay three snaps for 0.99 cents.

Snapchat has been dominating the social networking field for two years now. Its core feature is that the pictures you send can be viewed from the recipient only once and then boom, it is gone. Even if the recipient decides to screenshot your snap, then you will be notified as well.

Up until now, Snapchat allowed its users to replay one snap per day for free. Nothing more, nothing less.

Though, the company revealed a new part of its revenue strategy, which is putting a price tag on the replays. More specifically, for every three snaps you wish to replay, you will have to fork out 99 cents.

Don’t worry, your free replay is still on, though if you want more then you will have to deep your hands into your wallets for this extra buck.

The one dollar might not appeal to you as some significant profit, but let’s do the math here.

According to Snapchat itself, records from May indicate that the service has 100 million active users on a daily basis. Let’s presume that out of the 100 million, only one out of ten (10 million in total) pay the additional dollar. Multiplying 0.99 by 10 million, that’s $9,900,000 per day only from the 3-snaps replay feature.

Furthermore, the latest update of Snapchat brought a slew of new photo-editing features too, with the most intriguing among them being Lenses.

Lenses lets users add a variety of filters to their selfies, from Terminator’s face to literally vomiting rainbows – the latter indicates that something has left you in awe.

To activate the feature all you have to do is press and hold your face and then opt for a filter from the row that will pop-up at the lower end of your display. In case you are wondering, the feature is free.

Snapchat is probably the fastest -growing social network in the post-Facebook era, with an estimated value of US$20 billion. The 99 cents replay feature will be proved profitable or not in the weeks to follow.

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