Skype for Linux Alpha released by Microsoft

Microsoft Corp has released a brand new alpha version of Skype client for the Linux users.

This alpha version is based on the latest Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) Application programming interface (API). Launching this, Microsoft has assured consistent and continuous support for the Linux community in the long future.

The Alpha tag of Skype client for Linux indicates that the version has not yet been matured into a fully working one. This edition of Skype is totally different from the presently used Skype client for Linux.

The new Skype comes with the latest generation snappier Skype User Interface. This alpha version supports an instant transfer of files, photos and videos and communication using the entire range of brand new emoticons.

Using Skype for Linux alpha, calls can be made to the latest versions of Skype on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. With the intention of phasing out the present old generation Skype client from Linux, Microsoft has disabled the calling functionality between Skype Alpha and Skype for Linux ( The company has requested the users of this Alpha generation Skype client to provide their valuable feedback for more improvisation of the utility.

Skype also announced the beginning of plugin free calling facility with the help of Object Real-time Communications (ORTC) API. Announced a few months ago, ORTC will make free video calling and voice calling on Skype possible without any app or plugin.

Now, every user of Chromebook and Chrome on Linux can get access to every Skype facility from Group calling to messaging just by visiting This too is an Alpha initiative and bears equivalent features of the Skype for Linux Alpha client based on WebRTC. This is the first time the company is providing ORTC outside Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft also announced that inclusion of video calling capability and calls to mobiles and landlines through the Chrome browser on Linux and Chromebooks would happen very soon.

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