SAP Leonardo to Assist SMEs in India

With the initiative of digital India resolutely in position, SAP, the enterprise solutions provider, is set to not only allow the incorporation of SMEs (small and medium enterprises) into the digital economy but also assist huge companies boost their networks to boost competitive benefit, a top executive of the company claimed to the media here this week.

SAP India declared the roll out of its “Leonardo” range that will power the aim of a $1 Trillion digital economy by the end of 2025. “SAP Leonardo” is a digital modernization system that transports together Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, analytics, blockchain, and Big Data on SAP Cloud Platform, utilizing services of design thinking.

SAP Leonardo to Assist SMEs in India

With this service, SAP will make a digital bionetwork that will allow firms to embed digital innovation and rapidly innovate into all their business processes and applications, thus making efficient revenue growth, businesses, and enhancing user experience. “Presently, a wave of digitization is taking place in the country as well as a regulatory structure is being launched out with the GST introduction,” Managing Director and President of SAP India Subcontinent, Deb Deep Sengupta, claimed to the media in an interview.

“Consequently, a lot of smaller firms are uniting with formal economies, where they require accepting digital techs. On the other hand, ‘mid to larger’ firms would have to modernize via digital technologies at quicker speed to be capable of keeping up the speed with the contenders. It is here that ‘SAP Leonardo’ has a noteworthy role,” Sengupta further added.

SAP India has associates who are spread all over 6 main regions such as connected assets, connected products, connected infrastructure, connected fleet, connected people, and connected markets. Through this bionetwork, SAP will give innovation services and capabilities that incorporate with interior business applications so that users can easily bridge between innovating and operating.

“We think that assisting these users over the coming 12–18 Months will also boost our growth and revenue,” Sengupta claimed. Established in 1996, SAP India with more than 11,000 workers is the 2nd biggest subsidiary and one of the quickest developing firms inside SAP all over the world.

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