Samsung teases Galaxy View tablet at the end of IFA 2015 event

BERLIN – Samsung Electronics, (NASDAQ: SSNLF) for yet another time has managed to tease its audience about a forthcoming device, the Galaxy View tablet, during the IFA 2015.

The South Korean consumer electronics giant has a tendency to tease fans with a quick glimpse of what is coming next- even during a press event. After the much-anticipated reveal of the Gear S2 smartwatch, an unknown device popped up in the event’s display for a few moments, named View, which ostensibly is part of the Galaxy tablet line-up.



The company itself did not enlighten us with any further info regarding the Galaxy View, but only the fact that we will be seeing it soon – most likely this autumn. Observing the picture, the first thing we see is obviously a tablet featuring a large display – with plenty of 4K resolution potential- suitable for movies and gaming. On the back, there is a kick stand as well, offering a striking resemblance with Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) own Surface tablet line-up.

Regarding the stand, the photo does not say much, hence we cannot really be sure whether if it is a built-in feature of the device or if it is just a third-party casing accessory.

Another interesting theory raised by other sources is that the Galaxy View could be referring to the stand and not the tablet. It is a scenario highly probable since the device portrayed in the image does not really differ from the current Galaxy tablets while, as aforementioned, there is not a lot to say about the stand.

With that in mind, the Galaxy View could be a smart stand that for instance could calculate the height of your point of view and rotate the device’s angle every time you tilt your head. In addition, the name itself, View, would definitely make a lot of sense for such a gadget since it would adjust the angle of the device based on your view.

A few reports also suggest that Samsung could be revealing the product during IFA, despite having us believe that we would see it in October, hence the particular story will be updated if anything new shows up.

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