Samsung Smartphones: The Most Traded Devices of 2016 in India

South Korean leading company Samsung sold highest number of devices in 2016 capturing 28.52% of the Indian mobile phone market. This was followed by Apple and Motorola with 14.87% and 10.75%, respectively.

According to Cashify, an e-commerce app, the most traded phone in 2016 was Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos (model 9082) which occupied 3.02% of the total smartphone market.

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Motorola’s most popular smartphone, Moto G 2nd generation , was the next in the list covering 2.71% of the total share in the market sale. The iPhone 5s of the giant Apple occupied the third rank in the list with 2.34% of the total share in the market sale keeping the company still in the race.

Samsung Smartphones

On the other hand, device which did not made up to the list but did a phenomenal job were also present in the list. One such smartphone is OnePlus One 64 GB. This handset managed to grab 1.78% of the total market sell into its account thus making its presence felt.

According to the study, the market witnessed a towering growth due to the increase in the customers that were willing to trade or exchange their old smartphones with the latest ones. And due to the launch of new flagships, people were having enough options for their old smartphones.

The upcoming year 2017 is expected to show more growth in the smartphone market as new smartphones have queued along for their launch. This news created awareness among the people about trading their old handsets.

2017 will surely be a great year for smartphones. Eagerly waiting for new devices to be launched!!!

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