Samsung Galaxy S7/Galaxy S7 Edge RELEASE DATE rumor: February 21st

A new rumor has surfaced on the internet suggesting that Samsung’s upcoming Android flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S7, will be released on February 21st.

As 2015 is drawing to an end, it is logical for the rumor mill to be flooded with intel regarding Samsung’s jewelry for 2016. The South Koren tech giant usually unveils the particular member of the Galaxy line-up during the first quarter of the year- sometime between February-April, with March being the most probable candidate.

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Last year, the Galaxy S6 was launched on March 1, one day prior to the debut of the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, while the fourth iteration was brought to life on March 14, circa three weeks after the February 24 MWC 2013- the event does not have a fixed date, though it usually takes place either late February or early March.

When it comes to MWC 2016, the event will commence on February 22nd and wrap up on the 25th. Hence, as correctly pointed out by tipster @Ricciolo1, if Samsung were to follow the same release pattern with 2015, then a highly likely date for the Galaxy S7 could be February 21st, which is one day before the launch of the event.

Other sources close to the matter at hand assume that the company could deliver the S7 series along with the rest of its lower-range smartphone during the MWC 2016. From our experience covering the mobile industry, we feel quite confident to consider this as improbable, since, due to the significance of the smartphone, Samsung has been always holding a separate event for its roll out.

As far as the variants of the much-touted Galaxy S7 go, there are two scenarios that we will most likely see.

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The first once involves the classic S7, featuring a 5.2-inch, accompanied by the Edge installment, sporting a curved 5.2-inch screen as well.

The second claims that in case the S6 Edge reception is positive to a substantial degree – based on sales-, then the South Korean-based company might consider incorporating the display technology of the Edge version, to the original S7- so one device overall.

Albeit being logical, it is worth noting that the handsets aim towards two different markets, hence merging them could prove as a fruitless strategy after all.

Source: @Ricciolo1, Twitter

Section editor at Technology News Extra.

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