Samsung Galaxy S7 rumors say it will feature Force Touch-like display

CHINA- Samsung ELECT LTD, (NASDAQ: SSNLF) A report coming from the Chinese social network Weibo suggests that the upcoming Galaxy S7 smartphone will be packing a ForceTouch-like pressure sensitive display.

The seventh iteration of Samsung’s flagship smartphone line-up will be coming this February, during MWC 2016 or at a separate launch event, and the rumor mill has already been flooded with intel regarding the device’s design and specs.

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According to I Ice Universe, a Chinese social network Weibo user who has leaked relevant info in the past, reports that Samsung has snapped Synaptics to use its ClearForce, thus implementing pressure sensitive panels on the Galaxy S7 display. The particular leaker could be considered as a reliable source, as previous reports about benchmarks of Qualcomm’s and Apple’s chips were pretty accurate.

The Cupertino giant was the first in the industry to deliver a pressure sensitive display with its latest generation of handsets, the iPhone 6S smartphone and iPhone 6S Plus phablet. In case you are not familiar, the feature’s moniker is Force Touch, originally seen in the MacBook and Apple Watch sport, which relies on Apple’s Taptic engine that primarily does all the behind-the-scenes work.

Fundamentally, pressure sensitive displays pack a number of sensors which calculate the pressure applied with the finger, or even analyze the way the user swiped its finger, thus responding to the tasks assigned to each swipe or amount of added pressure accordingly.

We do not see any reason why the Galaxy S7 would not be equipped with such a feature, as it is a must have to fight Apple’s counterparts.

Moreover, another report coming from Vietnamese tech blog, Samsungviet, suggests that the company will not go with a separate Edge variant in 2016, and actually fit the original Galaxy S7  with an edge screen design. Last year, the South Korean-based giant released an additional version of the Galaxy S6, the Galaxy S6 Edge, which featured this type of design.

Duly to being the first entrance to the edge screen style, Samsung probably wanted to ensure that its original flagship will receive the requested sales, while if the Edge version becomes a hit, it would embody it to next year’s original edition.

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