Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge concept images reveal new design

Samsung ELECT LTD, (NASDAQ: SSNLF)- A set of pictures portraying the Galaxy S7 Edge that have surfaced online showcase a potential design strategy for the upcoming smartphone.

For yet another time during this week, the South Korean-based tech giant is making headlines with its forthcoming Galaxy S flagship line-up. In the past few days we have reported a slew of rumors regarding the original Galaxy S7 smartphone, now though, the latest leaks concern the Edge variant.

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Business news outlet, ValueWalk, has published a couple of concepts -designed by– allegedly portraying the Galaxy S7 Edge device. The images suggest that the handset will undergo some significant design changes, as the extra display space that replaced bezels on the Galaxy S6 Edge last year, will move to the top and the bottom of the device in 2016.


The particular upgrade does make some sense, since it would allow Samsung to free up some space thus placing the volume control buttons on the side again, that way offering an extra element of ergonomy to the handset. On the other hand, though, this potential update seems to be causing a new set of issues, as having a display on the bottom of the device would probably clash with the holding of the device.

In most occasions, the bottom of the handset rests on the user’s palm, hence that could result in launching apps inadvertently- unless Samsung pulls off a software trick that prevents this from happening.

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Moreover, confidant reports claim that Samsung is considering embodying the design aesthetics of the Edge variant to the original Galaxy S line-up, so there is a high chance of the Galaxy S6 Edge being the first and the last Edge-named Samsung device.

When it comes to the Galaxy S7, latest rumors say it will feature a Force Touch-like display and that the conventional microUSB port will be supplanted by the reversible Type-C one, which offers faster charging and faster data transfering.

What do you think of the concept images? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

Via: ValueWalk


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