Samsung Galaxy S7 specs rumor says it WON’T feature new design

A new report has emerged online suggesting that the forthcoming Galaxy S7 won’t feature new design aesthetic, as formerly claimed from sources, but, on the contrary, it will maintain the most fundamental design cues from its predecessor, the Galaxy S6.

As 2015 is drawing to an end, the rumor mill is being more and more flooded with intel regarding Samsung’s flagship smartphone for 2016.

It has been more or less already confirmed that the much-touted Galaxy S7 will be launched one day before the debut of the MWC event in Barcelona, Spain, which takes place on February 22nd – hence the S7 is expected to be unveiled on the 21st.

Samsung has, for the most part, kept its papers closed about specs and hardware of the Galaxy S7, though analysts from the company’s home country, South Korea, have managed to get in touch with people close to the giant and shed more light onto what we know about the seventh iteration of the Galaxy S line-up.

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According to South Korean Times, it appears that Samsung will be following Cupertino’s strategy and won’t make any radical modifications in terms of design, primarily to stay under budget.

The particular suggestion is enforced by the fact that the company’s phone business has not been performing to the degree that it was expected to be, essentially due to the latest players in the game, the China-based Huawei and Xiaomi, which offer handsets of equivalent hardware quality and powerful spec sheet for a lower price tag.

Therefore, the new Galaxy S7 is highly likely to maintain the design philosophy of the previous installment, the Galaxy S6, delivering premium glass on the front and back.

Nevertheless, we do hope that the South Korean colossus will bring back the microSD memory expansion option that was removed from the lineup in 2015, as well as  the waterproof gimmick which can come in handy at certain times.

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