Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could come with wireless charger, patent suggests

The upcoming much-debated Samsung wireless charger will most likely be bundled with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 product package. Expected to be unveiled in August, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will feature Iris scanner, which enables you to unlock the device with the blink of an eye.

Just when we are talking about the reported rumors of the upcoming Galaxy Note 7, the prototype design of the three new Samsung wireless charger designs reportedly patented by Samsung itself has been leaked.

With small yellow color cabinet and a white band surrounding it, the two designs are different to each other. There are markings in numbers at various places. While the image on the left side denotes 10a, the second image features 200,200a. However, we are unable to decipher the real purpose of the numbers.

Patent Application

According to Patently Mobile, the patent application for the three new attractive designs of wireless charging dock has been filed by Samsung. However, Samsung declined to comment based on the speculations.

Based on the patent application, the new Samsung wireless charger will be capable of charging smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches simultaneously. This means you can charge both your smartphone and smartwatch at the same time. Samsung has provided wireless charging support for smartwatches since its usage is growing rapidly.

Three new designs

Samsung wireless charger

The three new designs of Samsung wireless charger are capable of enhancing the ergonomics of a user with an increase in the height of the charger. As per the design prototype, Samsung has made a significant shift from the current flat and round design of wireless chargers.

According to analysts, the upcoming wireless charger is designed in such a way that it is capable of accommodating both smartphone and a smartwatch. Moreover, the yellow and white color combination of the wireless charger as per the leaked image appeal to the general audience.

If the leaked image is to be believed, you need to place the smartphone on the top of the charger at a slight tilt and smartwatch around the charger. We expect that the new positioning system enables improved space management and faster charging speed.

Talking about another design, the image reveals that the charger will have a deep indent, round edges including a tall structure. This enables the smartwatch to be kept on the top of the charger.

Samsung Wireless Charger

The wireless charger works by passing a current induced in the electromagnetic receptor through a magnetic field produced by the charger. The patent application also indicates a possibility of integrating a transmission resonator which generates not only vertical but also a horizontal magnetic field at the same time.

This mechanism increases the effective total area of contact with the device. Likely to be released in a compact and smaller form factor, you can also make use of the sides of the device for charging purpose. The wireless charger is designed in such a way to improve the charging speed without the need for a larger surface area.

Additional Device Support

In addition to smartphones and smartwatches, the upcoming Samsung wireless charger can also be used to charge cameras, electronic glasses, and even tablets.

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