Samsung Galaxy Note 7 issues: Users complain boot loop after OTA update

The latest flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 7  is reportedly going into an indefinite restart cycle just after a recent OTA (Over The Air) update. This is not an isolated issue and has affected a significant number of Galaxy Note 7 users across the globe. As of now, only the Exynos variant is known to be experiencing the problem.

Several Note 7 users have been complaining about this issue in various forums. Most of them state that the problem arises after they received a software update from Samsung. An owner of the Singapore variant of the phablet has reported the issue in the XDA Forum.

According to him, the brand new handset started to freeze right after he after he updated it. Then, the display of the device went hazy showing weird striated lines. After that, the smartphone kept on restarting automatically for repeated times. He further reported that his Note 7 is getting into a boot loop, and he has to cut off the power supply forcibly as the phone reaches unnaturally high temperatures.

When he took the smartphone to his local service center, the Samsung executives reinstalled the firmware. But this too failed to solve the issue as the device went into the same problem after being used just for a few moments. The condition was similar to other owners who were also present at the service center having faced the grave glitch. The issue is not only restricted the Singapore as users from other countries like Korea has also started to report this in various web forums.

Some users have tried to solve this issue by clearing by performing factory resets or wiping the cache, but their efforts have only worsened the situation. Till now, no users from the USA have reported this issue in their Note 7s. This makes us believe that the Snapdragon variant of the device may be exempted from the boot loop problem.

The major glitch is already going rounds on the internet with the moniker #Brickgate. While this seems to be a significant issue, the South Korean giant hasn’t yet publicly addressed about it. As no solution is in the sight right now, we can only recommend you to refrain from updating your Galaxy Note 7s until a fix arrives.

Reporter at Technology News Extra.

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Cliff says:

Im on sprint my note 7 just did that 🙁

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