Samsung Continues To Dominate Indian Market

Samsung this week topped the transportations across all 3 segments—smartphones, handsets, and feature phones. It did this during the quarter two of the current fiscal. The company is followed by Xiaomi, Itel, Vivo, Micromax, and others, respectively, in the handset sector. In the smartphone segment, Samsung is trailed by Vivo, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Oppo, and others, respectively. The feature phone market in the nation too is topped by Samsung trailed by Micromax, Itel, Intex, Lava, and others in that order.

The set up base for LTE handsets in the country reached 150 Million units and is adjacent to the U.S. and China correspondingly, as per the latest research from industry experts. The numbers are expected to exceed that of the U.S. in coming year.

Speaking of the performance, smartphone transportation in the country increased in this quarter by 4%, as compared to the previous year. Similar to China, the leading 5 brands made around 70% of the entire smartphone segment. Even though domestic brands elevated during this quarter, they are still not able to find their position amongst the top 5 smartphone contenders in 3rd consecutive quarter.

Parallel to this, Samsung Electronics aims to increase the market stake of its contract chip production business 3 times within the coming 5 Years by insistently adding clients. This data was provided by a senior firm administrative to the media in an interview. He further added to his statement that the company aims new expansion drivers for the chips production.

The anticipated 5.3 Trillion Won ($4.76 Billion) trade at Samsung was divided into a separate division in May within its semiconductor arm. The senior firm administrative claimed in a clear statement that the technology major was gearing up to aim on the trade and slender the gap of big market share with leaders.

Head and Executive Vice President of the new Samsung foundry arm, E.S. Jung, told the media last week at the Giheung chip campus of the South Korean firm that the company needs a 25% market stake within 5 Years. The firm will look to draw smaller users apart from the big-name clients to power the development.

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