Respawn and Nexon team up to bring Titanfall to iOS and Android devices

US- Respawn Entertainment The Titanfall video game is expected to roll out to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Play Store soon.

Many are those who wonder about the future of Titanfall, as it’s been quite some time since we last heard from Respawn for any future plans concerning the specific game title.

Now, the company has announced a new collaboration with the free to play online game maker, Nexon, and the two of them will work closely together to make Titanfall available for mobiles.

More specifically, it won’t be an exact copy of the game taken to mobile devices, rather than a game (or a series of games for that matters) that will be based on Titanfall. In any case, we expect to see the titles to be released in 2016.

The collaboration will take place in Particle City, a Los Angeles-based studio co-founded by Respawn’s Vince Zampella and industry veteran Larry Pacey. Prior to being renamed, Particle City was widely known as Nuclear Division, the biggest part of which belongs to Respawn.

In an interview with Zampella and Nexon president and CEO, Owen Mahoney, Zampella said:

“It’s about being able to extend our universe into an area that we at Respawn aren’t expert in When we built this universe, we realized how extensible it was … and we want to get it out in front of as many people as possible.”


Owen went on to add:

“From the Nexon side, in our experience a great game that is an online game on any platform, can last years. So let’s keep investing in it over time. What we find is that much of the industry, the people that we talk to, they don’t think of it that way … (they’re more interested in) cashing out and moving on to the next one. But based off of our experience, [Respawn] take a very different view than most of us in the industry. When they started talking about where they could take the Titanfall universe, it was very exciting for us. We think our ideas now are the start of something that’s going to be really cool for the Titanfall franchise overall.”

When asked about any thoughts and plans about a Titanfall sequel, Zampella refused to talk for now, but promised that whatever it is, it’s worth waiting for.

What are your thoughts on the purported Titanfall for iOS and Android? Let us know in the comments below.

Via: Polygon

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