5 reasons to upgrade to Windows 10 if you haven’t already

The Windows 10 free upgrade offer from Microsoft will be valid only until July 29. That makes it less than 48 hours to make the most of the offer and jump onto the Windows 10 bandwagon at the earnest. More than 350 million have already done so and if you aren’t one of them, here are a few reasons to convince yourself to make the move.

1. Microsoft Windows 10: Best Windows ever

Windows 10 has been stated as the best version of Windows ever to be released, though it has stiff competition from Windows 7 here. It offers a completely new look to the good old Windows as we have known it so far and manages to achieve what Windows 8 and 8.1 had tried in vain. The Start menu is back to where it has always been while Settings, Power Options and File Explorer and such can be reached easily from the menu.

It’s new but has been designed in a manner that old timers will immediately feel at home here. Plus, the start menu can be customized to suit personal tastes and can be resized as well. Overall, it is ease of access that is the shout-out here.

2. Microsoft Windows 10: Better security

Gone are the days when users had to type in tedious passwords to identify themselves as genuine users. Instead, a quick scan of the iris is enough to unlock a Windows 10 device. The feature is no fluke either as while the system is able to work even in cases when the glasses are on, simply holding a high-resolution image of the person can’t be used to fool the system.

Of course, other login methods too are available. That includes picture passwords, pin or the traditional passwords. That makes Windows 10 more secure than any of its previous versions.

3. Microsoft Windows 10: Cortana

Windows 10 comes with its own digital personal assistant that can get simple tasks done. Those include setting reminders, search for information, and search the PC and so on.

4. Microsoft Windows 10: Extended support

Windows 10 will be getting key updates and patches all the way up to 2025. Assuming there are no doomsday theories proving right in between, it should make for a wise choice to have your PC getting the necessary support all the way up to 2025. In contrast, extended support for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 will be valid only until Jan 14, 2020.

5. Microsoft Windows 10 update is free

Lastly, perhaps the biggest reason to go for Windows 10 is that it is completely free. That is unprecedented in the history of Windows, and that alone is a solid reason to go for Windows 10 right away, while it’s still available, that is.

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