Putin Evacuates 40 Million Russians as a Part of Giant War Drill in Russia

Just after the suspension of agreement based on plutonium utilization by Russian president Vladimir Putin. Russia now organizes a four day emergency defense drill; this may be just to show power or might be more disturbing plan. The opposition countries might be under anxiety due to the recent clashes over the Syria.

The authority disclosed 40 million civilians, 50,000 units of essential equipments and 2000,000 disaster rescuers are implicated in the war drill, initiated from 4 October to 7 October.

Russians as a Part of Giant War Drill in Russia

The concept is to make the civilians ready for handling Natural and also human made disaster .As the practice is also main plan to rectify the preparations of the management bodies and Civil defense services on all levels to respond the extreme situations in disasters, a spokesperson said.

Russian emergencies ministry will use it full force which includes military, EMERCOM emergency rescue units, paramilitary units.

Overall process will be divided into three levels: awareness, planning, evacuation.

The drill will be a practice to deal with emergencies at critical and hazardous facilities from the source of harmful radiation, chemical and biological elements.

Civil defense, fire protection, human security at social institutions and organizations, public apartments is also to be ensured.

In order to monitor the radiation, chemical and biological there will response unit and medical and sanitation post at the emergency areas. There will also be and additional support of laboratory networks.

The overall coordination will be implemented by EMERCOM – Ministry Of Russian Federation for Civil Defense and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters.

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