Programming Language As Second, Instead Of English

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Every season, the world is introduced to a new application or software. A majority of people in the world use these software and applications oblivious to how they are developed. People believe complex systems are involved in developing applications. Therefore, many are afraid to ask or even search during their own time. However, what they fail to realize is that anyone can learn how to program or code and eventually be able to develop software and applications. Currently, programming is considered a universal language which can be used by people all over the world to spread a rhetoric or an idea. Through programming, ideas can be actualized, and people can live knowing that they achieved or realized their dreams. People can create new things and become more innovative and creative while solving the world’s problems. Programming is a tool which can be used to further agendas, explain events, and even answer some of the world’s most intriguing questions. While some people will be quick to castigate Tim Cook’s reasoning, it would be foolish to ignore all that he said. This article not only builds on his assertions but also provides more reasons why it would be wise to learn programming over any second or foreign language.

Programming Language As Second, Instead Of English

First of all, programming is slowly becoming one of the basic literacies in the world. Currently, everything is being computerized, and the world is moving fast towards a world where even the basic things will be automatic. Learning programming is, therefore, becoming more of a need than a choice. People especially children are slowly being forced to understand concepts and things which seem advanced than their age. While some parents are scared, others are encouraging the change in focus and direction. The world is moving at a fast speed, and it is only the equipped and skilled who will be able to grasp the issues of the day.

Secondly, programming is becoming or already is the universal language of the world. People in Asia are currently using applications which were developed by people from America. The same can be said about the applications used in Europe and were developed in Africa. Currently, many people are able to create or develop applications and share their thoughts or ideas with the world something which would have been possible in the past. The idea of having one person can express themselves to over 7 billion people is quite intriguing, and programming gives you this opportunity. In a way, it helps to unite the world.

Thirdly, programming helps people to be experimental and inventive. While programming, students get the opportunity to test their ideas and even to actualize even the wildest of them all. One is given the leeway to test whichever theory they have and to find different ways of doing things. Programming helps you to find numerous ways of fixing a problem or doing something. For example, if you want to get a certain point, do you drive, walk, ride a bike, use an aero plane, or even use the train. Programming helps you to ask yourself these questions and to find the best and most efficient way of achieving your goals. Students, therefore, become more creative and for those who interact with it from an early age, it only gets better with age.

Programming can also be used as a tool to change or bring change to the world. In the past, people relied heavily on the written word to get a message to people. To get a reaction or feedback, it would take days or weeks. With the help of programming, however, people can now communicate faster and get a reaction faster than before. In the Middle East, for example, social media was the tool that made the most impact and got the people riled up. Through social media, instances of injustice were shared and people united against their dictatorial regimes. Social media was also used to organize and plan for protests as people sought to bring a wave of change in their respective countries. Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya are just a few examples which help to showcase how programming can be used as a tool to change the world.

Moreover, programming can be used to bring ideas to life. People have different ideas, and while some can be ill-advised, others are revolutionary and can help to change the world. However, only a few of these people have the means or even understand how they can actualize their ideas. Therefore, a majority of great ideas and dreams end up dead or forgotten simply because people do not understand how to make them real. However, programming has and can help bring these ideas to life. Some of the greatest inventions started off as ideas, but as a result of the resilience of some people and programming, these ideas have become revolutionary. Actualizing an idea is a problem, however, it should never be a death sentence to your idea.

Finally, programming is a problem-solving tool which if used well, can bring long-term change in the world. As per the example in paragraph four, programming gifts you the opportunity to experiment. However, you wishing to move from one place to another can be seen as a problem or need. If you are thinking of how to solve any particular problem in your line of work, maybe you should look no further than in the programming books. Through coding, people have managed to develop different solutions which have made life easier. For example, instead of manual backups or storage, companies are currently, storing information in the cloud. This is all programming, and you can also make use of it and solve some of the problems you have at home or work.

In conclusion, Tim Cook’s remarks are loaded with a lot of insight on how the world can make use of programming. While he may not have meant it literally, he does make some good points and sees the world in a better place if more programmers existed.

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