Prisma app download for Android: Quick steps to download and install

Social domains are buzzing with spectacularly edited photos that somehow look like digital paintings. Prisma, an app that was specifically launched for iOS users is behind the skillful editing people are boasting about.

As the edited photos were shared and viewed by more, Android users out of curiosity started looking for the app as well. But as of now, Google Play is not sharing the same sentiment. Implying, the developers have not launched Prisma for Android, yet.

Since it is difficult to offend around 80 percent of the smartphone user base, the developers have rendered a beta version of the app. The APK version of the Prisma on Android has been shared over quite a few websites.

Because it’s not an official launch, the conventional installation process is not in place but there is a simple method to look out for. Let’s go step by step-

  1. Download the Prisma (beta) APK file from here
  2. Make sure the APK stores on the internal storage of the device.
  3. As the APK is not the official file, enable ‘Allow installation of apps from other sources
  4. Spot the APK file through File Manager and tap on it.
  5. Choose Package installer and the installation process will begin.
  6. The app will install within a few minutes.

Once you start using the app, it is probable that it might crash a lot. The developers are still working on launching the official version for Android. For instance, one common issue faced is that the app tends to freeze when using a particular filter.

But till the app is available on Google Play, the Android beta APK will suffice with ease. And make sure that you change the Settings and enable the option ‘Save artworks automatically’. Prisma can be a little confusing for people using it for the first time.

Note – Sharing your photo after you’re done with editing will automatically save the photo in the Gallery.

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