The new Polaroid Snap camera takes instant photos and prints them without ink

BERLIN, GERMANY- Technology nowadays moves faster than ever, evolving each day more than the day before. And that applies to all aspects and all industries including the art of photography. The result is a feeling of nostalgia left deep within the more romantic ones that got to experience the past few decades where things were, simply put, more physical.

In fact, Robert Brunner, Silicon Valley’s designer comments:

Very few people print pictures anymore. Now, you share on social media, or at a party you pass the phone around. Photography used to be about that sense of joy and the physical artifact.” Brunner’s thoughts end up to the question, “how do you reestablish something that has value?

The answer has been given by Polaroid, with a new instant camera, the Polaroid Snap, which lets you take pictures and prints them instantly using an ink-free printing system. More specifically this system has been designed by Zink and Polaroid says that:

…the key to the ink-free system is the patented ZINK Paper, an advanced composite material embedded with dye crystals and a protective polymer overcoat that uses heat to activate and colorize these crystals.

The presentation of the Polaroid Snap – which was designed by Ammunition – was first done at the IFA 2015 in Berlin, where the general concept was also explained. Simplicity is the key in this case. No special features. No fancy buttons to add more styles and processing options. Just one button for colour, black and white, and sepia features and one more to take the picture- as simple as that. Even the style and design of the camera is funny and playful. The lens is in the centre of the camera instead of the side as well.

“Release date is due to the fourth quarter of 2015 and price will be US$99.”

The specs are not important here, as the creators of the Polaroid Snap didn’t want to create the next flagship camera of the company. So don’t wait too much. Just enough to have a great time by travelling back a few decades. The camera features a 10-megapixel lens and it prints out photos that measure at 2 x 3 inches. Circulation is due to the fourth quarter of 2015 and price will be $99.

Staff writer at Technology News Extra.

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