Pokemon GO tips and tricks: How to play game without leaving home

Pokemon Go has shattered records to become one of the most popular games ever made. Ever since its launch, the game has rapidly developed a huge dedicated user base of addicted gamers. The game requires players to perform a lot of outdoor exploration. There is a huge population of people who want to play this game by sitting at home. Demand for tips, tricks or cheats has always been higher for this game. Several of these tricks or way around methods have been banned by Niantic, the developer of the game. But some are still functional. Here we present some of the best tricks which are not yet blocked by Niantic.

The tips mainly function by fiddling with the GPS signals send to the Pokemon Go application. Previously this can be achieved with the help of third party apps which could access the location data of the game. But recently, the developer of the game pushed an update that locked out the access to nearby map data thereby making those apps non-functional.

This move has triggered more advanced methods to cheat in the game. The most sophisticated among them can work without the need of any additional application. You will require a few apparatuses to perform this hack. The first is an artificial GPS signal emitter and the second is a box shielded from all type of radio frequencies.

The smartphone running the Pokemon GO game should be placed inside the box. Then fake GPS signals need to be generated from the signal emitter. With this method, you can visit any location you desire just by using some basic commands. This is a very complicated method, but using this there will be the least chance of getting banned from the game. Although being the most dependable trick by far, you need to do put some investment to buy the required equipments.

The second method is much straightforward and far less complex. A cracked version of the Pokemon GO app is making rounds on the internet. To use this modded application, you need to use an alternative account to log in to the game. This implies that all your game data will be lost, and you will need to start from scratch.

The cracked app works by natively modifying the GPS signal that your phone sends to the game. This works with the help of a GPS imitating utility which is integrated with the cracked apk. You can access this utility after installing the modified apk and modify your location. This method has a significant risk of getting caught. To avoid being banned from playing Pokemon GO, you are advised to switch off Google location history.

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