PMP, A Professional Way To Approach Your Projects

Project management and identifying the Stakeholders

PMP, Project management professional, one of the most prominent certificate for a project manager. PMP adds a market value to a project manager making a project manager stand apart from other inexperienced persons. Manager having this certificate is said to be more professional in dealing their projects and environment. From the onset of a project to its end stage a project manager has to be there either virtually or physically to assess the project. A person having a PMP certificate is said to have more than 20% of salary than the person without the certificate.

PMP, A Professional Way To Approach Your Projects

Identifying the stakeholders: Now coming on the stakeholders, stakeholders are the persons who run the project; they are the bloodline of a project as they invest in it. They could be sponsors, investors, shareholder or any person who have interest in that project. And the major thing is identifying the stakeholders in the PMP way. It all starts with a project charter, a document containing thorough information related to the project. It contains project budget, schedule, project sponsor, top management and other related information.  Stakeholders could be a member of the project or it could be a government organization. In most of the cases, it came that the government organizations are the mostly approached stakeholders so, one needs to have a good contact with such an organization. Now, the question comes how to identify the stakeholder. It’s a project manager’s work to identify and assess the shareholders correctly. There are different factors which affect selecting of shareholders such as:

Environmental factors: Environmental factors are not just related to nature but it has a wider meaning. It includes Internal and external factors those affect a business organization. Political, economic, technological are some examples of external environmental factors.

Organizational factors: Each organization has different rules and policies to decide between the Stakeholders.

Project charter: Every project has a different charter so; it definitely is a major criterion in selecting a stakeholder.

There are different tools and techniques to select stakeholders. Interviewing the experts and conducting brainstorming sessions are the most opted ways to select stakeholders. You need not assess each and every stakeholder sometimes taking experts suggestion are the best. Brainstorming sessions could be done at a place with your team and experts.Through session you can know about what they feel and what they want in this project; it helps to identify a project stakeholder.

A project manager should be a trained and a reliable person. He should have a sense of leadership and organizational skills in him. It is suggested to be a good project manager; one should go for project management training. Project management training is certified training process in which a trainee will get a proper certificate for his learning. These courses are designed in a way where a person can have a hand to hand experience and a practical knowledge of the project. They are being indulged in some pressurizing situation during training so they can combat such situations in real.

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