“Parking Reminders” In Google Maps for Androids

Google Maps has been very useful in many ways to a user. And now, it is adding one more feature to help out the users. Its new feature will let the user easily locate the place where he/she has left their car. This can be helpful in places of multi-level parking where a person tends to forget the bay or parking floor.

“Parking Reminders” In Google Maps for Androids

At present, the tech giant is verifying this feature in Google Maps’ beta version for Android. It is presented in the beta version as a blue mark, which can be tapped to set a parking reminder. The moment you click the blue button, a separate tab is opened that has choices to click photos or add notes in order to memorize the car parking location. Apart from this, the new window allows entering the parking period and accordingly sets a timer to avoid crossing of the parking time limit.

Even though this new feature is of great help, there is an unavoidable shortcoming that can really hamper its usability. None of this features are automatic, meaning, the user needs to feed the data manually so as to make it worth using. Most of the times, the driver is in a rush so that he can park the car and reach his desired event, adding the details means giving extra time, which won’t be possible every time.

And other think that pulls away the attention is was there any need for a standalone feature when it already has an automatic parking location cards that enable the users to fetch the location in the format of a pin on the map through Google Assistant and Now on Tap.

For now, this feature is in Google Maps’ beta version on Android and maybe soon will be made accessible with its public version and subsequently extend to iOS. What do you think will it be feasible for using the parking reminder feature in the hour of rush?

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