Panasonic at IFA 2015: TX-65CZ950 OLED 65-inch 4K TV

BERLIN, GERMANY- Panasonic Corporation (NASDAQ: PCRFY) Panasonic decided to enter dynamically the OLED TV market where LG is the only one opponent so far since this company is the only one making OLED TVs – or at least was until now.

Panasonic’s new TX-65CZ950, as presented at the IFA 2015, in Berlin, is a 65-inch 4K Ultra HD OLED TV. Too much to process? Ok, let’s take it one by one. A 4K resolution means that this television will have four times highest resolution than regular HD TVs. As for the OLED part, this means that no backlight is needed since each pixel can be turned on and off individually, making it the best quality picture ever designed.

The construction of such technology may be a bit more troubling but it is definitely worth it. The TX-65CZ950 is also compatible with a high dynamic rage that provided even higher contrast.

Eric Gemmer, THX Imaging Technologies director states:

OLED is a very promising display technology but getting an accurate picture from an OLED TV is quite challenging. THX put the CZ950 through over 400 laboratory tests working with Panasonic engineers to make certain each pixel’s performance is accurate to the source content. The result is a television capable of creating bright objects with excellent white uniformity that delivers native 4K and up-converted HD images with the contrast and clarity previously reserved for professional monitors.

On the downside, Panasonic’s first OLED TV is curved and according to the company’s statement “the benefit for the customer is not so big” – makes you wonder why they went with a curved screen if they believe something like that.

As for the operating system, Panasonic has chosen the Firefox OS, and it is worth noting that this is the first time we see the Firefox OS running on a high profile television.

Circulation will be this October ιinitally in Europe with the price reaching 10,000 euros. For the US, UK and Australian consuming crowds, pricing and availability are yet to be announced, though the price will probably remain untouched -the equivalent of 10,000 euros is $11,150, AU$16,128, £7,350.

Panasonic is a world known and respected company for its skillset at TV manufacturing. Now whether the company’s attempt to enter the OLED market will turn out to be profitable or not, remains yet to be seen.

Staff writer at Technology News Extra.

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