Orkut makes comeback with social networking app Hello.com

Within few years of shutting down with over 300 million people, Orkut has reborn as Hello.com. Founded in 2004 by Orkut Buyyukkoten and Githin Jose as an independent project within Google, the community has garnered the attention of millions of people around the world. However, Orkut was forced to shut down since the site was unable to compete with the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

Commenting on the new launch, Buyyukkoten revealed that Hello will establish connectivity with users across the world by measuring their Passion. He described Hello as a potential successor to his original Orkut network, which had got rave reviews for a period of 10 years before shutting it down.

In addition to simply getting unknown followers, Hello is all about sharing passions and sharing it with others. The interface has been modified to include features such as coins, rewards, points including Levels. According to sources, these new features are introduced to encourage people to work with the app frequently.

Responding to media, Buyyukkoten revealed in his blog that Hello is the first social network built on loves and not likes. The company has designed Hello in such a way that it enable people to connect with each other by sharing their passions. He added that hear and hatred has no relevance when you make a simple and friendly gesture to others.

Based on the number of posts, comments or likes, Hello will reward you with karma points. The interest of the user will be taken into confidence when establishing connectivity. For instance, if you had provided Technology as your interest area, you will be friends based on people who love technology.

With Hello, you will be able to share images and not text. You will be able to customize background and images with your own texts in addition to filters.

What is Hello.com and how does it work?

The first step you need to follow when you register with Hello is to select five personas from the provided list. It is also possible to swap old personas with new. Currently, the app provides support for English, French and Portuguese languages.

Available for iOS and Android devices, the new mobile app make use of a personalized algorithm that works similar to that of Facebook’s News Feed. This will offer a real world experience based on your likes and preferences. The app only depends upon your address book to find friends. It will not navigate any external data to fetch contacts.

Hello.com Availability

As of writing this, Hello is available in the US, France, Australia, the U.K., Canada, New Zealand, Brazil, and Ireland. Moreover, the app will be available in India by August 2016. You can register your interest to get notified when the app releases in your country.

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