‘No Man’s Sky’ Simplified Review

Hello Games has made amends for the leak of the No Man’s Sky last week. It is a significant patch for the game and nullified any head start which anyone obtained. The update has reset the vast galaxy and player made discoveries. The patch up has once again restored the inventory management and galactic resources.

The game feels very different today, but the basics remain the same. The game is being explored so one cannot expect a comprehensive review since most players have just begun the journey. Players are free to investigate the gigantic galaxy with the aid of a multi-tool weapon which is tailored to mining resources. The universe is truly massive and contains infinite planets. It is a game designed to develop the spirit of exploration and everyone use different routes as per their intellect to reach to the center of the galaxy.

The goal and the path are not easy and often with terrifying regularity different forces appear to steer you away from your goal into the infinite and unknown corners of the galaxy. The priorities are however clear with explicit objectives. You spend your time exploring and cataloging new finds and leaving marks on the planet. It is possible that your trails will be discovered by another lone traveler.

Even casual exploration is always rewarded with a bounty because no world is devoid of resources, abandoned outposts, and ancient ruins. You can make a fortune using the resources unearthed by mining and selling it to obtain new and varied tools and spacecraft. There is an endless list of instruments and spacecraft of every design and color. So you are never content and every step you yearn to earn more to supplement your wealth and wares. Players can always upgrade and improve their tools and spacecraft.

The game is swift and exciting in the beginning before the vastness of the galaxy sinks in and a feeling of the universe being unfathomable starts to get hold. The intended finish line looks like a utopian dream and the distance of thousands of light-years separating the player from the ultimate goal of reaching the center of the galaxy.

The No Man’s Sky is impressive when it comes to the technical details of the spacecraft and tools. However, the enormity can come at a cost. The outcome of the player’s quest looks simple, but the path is rough. In the end, the philosophical can keep asking the purpose of being alive in a world driven by algorithms and the quest solitary.

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