Nissan in India Trialing Its e-Power Technology

Nissan, the Japanese auto major, this week claimed that it has began trialing its e-Power technology-fitted car in India as fraction of the plan to improve electric mobility in the area. The firm, which is division of an operating group in affiliation with the Indian government, hopes that the nation to turn out to be a main market for electric cars in due course. “We are carrying out some trials for the e-Power in India. Indonesia and India are 2 big nations where we are conducting the trials while some are also being carried out in Thailand,” Daniele Schillaci, Co-Executive Vice-President of Nissan Motor for marketing and global sales, claimed to the media in an interview this week on the account of Tokyo Motor Show.

Nissan in India Trialing Its e-Power Technology

The e-Power technology of Nissan utilizes electric motor to fuel the car, but simultaneously, it has a tiny gasoline engine to recharge the battery when required, hence doing away with the requirement for an exterior charger. When asked about information of the trials, he claimed that the firm has began it just very lately and might not reveal further data, claiming that local engineers are operating to know the technology, its drivability and applicability in local circumstances. On the other hand, he claimed, “We witness a huge potential in the Indian market for this technology. Obviously, the long-term plan is to go for automobiles’ electrification in Asia.”

On collaboration with the Government of India, he claimed that Nissan was division of the operating group on strategy of electrification. “We can share a huge amount of our experience in this field from other nations,” Schillaci claimed. When asked about how electric mobility might take place on a huge scale in the country, Schillaci claimed, “I believe it will come from mid-sized cars in the market of the country and not from the high-end cars.”

On the future product aims of the company for India, he claimed intelligent mobility strategy of Nissan is very pertinent for the market here. “Future series of both Datsun and Nissan brands of cars in India will be in that trend,” Schillaci claimed.

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