Nissan Declares 360-Degree Jukecam

Dash cams are one of those accessories that will never go out of trend, whether you love them or hate them. Some accessories in the market go and come without producers ever worrying too much about them. Dash cams might just be the same thing. It is difficult to think of many auto manufacturers who provide any sort of dash cam as a fraction of optional or standard equipment. But that will almost certainly commence to change very swiftly since Nissan has revealed the JukeCam.

Earlier, aftermarket accessories were frequently accessible in more enhanced shapes than those equipped at the factory. Nothing like the early satellite direction-finding systems, the JukeCam goes beyond the standard dash cam since it is not only a 360-degree unit, but also 4K ready.

Nissan Declares 360-Degree Jukecam

Nissan pretty much claims the obvious by stating that JukeCam can be utilized for recording potential evidence, or more sensibly, for recording driving adventures in the event of an accident or other crash incident. The camera is able to record the whole journey even during the longest trips since it can store up to 3 hours of videos.

Nissan claims that the camera can also be utilized as a type of 360-degree GoPro for sports as it can be detached from the Juke and mounted to a helmet. To show its capabilities, the Japanese auto major got some experts pogo stick jumpers to put on the cameras while making a Guinness World Record for utmost cars jumped in a promotional video successively.

Currently, the JukeCam that can be fitted to the dash and screws into the mount of the Juke will only be provided in Europe. But it certainly will not take much time until it makes its way to North America across the Atlantic.

The European Chief Marketing Manager of Nissan Juke, Helen Perry, claimed, “JukeCam was made out of a craving to make a camera item which fits with the active life of our users. It is ideal for use as a dash cam on the road, but is sufficiently flexible to be effortlessly removed to make amazing 360-degree first-person footage of their adventures.”

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