New Telecom Policy May Guarantee Internet Access For 1.3 Billion People in India

The New Telecom Policy, anticipated by March 2018, will aim on offering reasonably priced Internet access to 1.3 Billion people in India and make possible the domestic production to curb reliance on imports. Manoj Sinha, the telecom minister, claimed to the media that the call drop circumstances has enhanced and competition will make sure quality services at reasonably priced rates. “Internet to all will be the fundamental principle and to offer a boost to telecom production might be a main factor of the fresh telecom policy,” Sinha claimed to the media.

New Telecom Policy May Guarantee Internet Access For 1.3 Billion People in India

The ambitious Digital India umbrella program of the government, with an original outlay of Rs 1.13 Lakh Crore, centers on connectivity of data and plans to transmit 100% high-speed Internet highways, tele-density, and citizen centric services’ delivery through electronic mean. The latest telecom policy will deal with sector problems and convert them future-proof with the beginning of disorderly technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and fifth generation (5G).

“The latest policy will be future-looking and present challenges of new techs such as artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) will be dealt with,” Sinha further added. The industry and analysts guesses cross-industry IoT applications with high-speed data services and AI-driven services, might open up almost 20% of extra revenue chance. “Service operators have updated network and there is a considerable enhancement in service quality and call drops,” Sinha claimed. He further added that the government anticipates operators to carry on to updated infrastructure to guarantee improved quality.

In June, Sinha had a meeting with leading executives of telecom companies in India who had organized an action plan for a full year and 100 Days, together pledging to spend Rs 12,000 Crore and deploy 60,000 base transceiver stations. Operators, as per the department of telecom, have completed the target and have included 3.49 Lakh base stations with the optimization of 4.08 Lakh mobile towers in one year.

A recent survey of telecom department displayed an 8% enhancement in satisfaction of the consumer over call drops and additional 8% enhancement in the goal has been set for telecom companies to be accomplished by end of December.

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