A New Sun Coming Soon, Says NASA’s SOFIA Discovery

The world beyond the sky has always surprised the scientists who are constantly into action to understand the mystery of the universe. NASA has been always curious and on the front for the exploration of the universe.

It has once again proved to be the pioneer of the astronomical discoveries, NASA’s S Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) have observed something exceptionally motivating. It has observed that, six interstellar clouds are about to turn into new stars and respectively much larger than our sun.

As per the technical explanations By NASA, Its says when a cloud of gas collapses on itself, the gravity of its own causes it to contract. Due to which heat friction is produce .The heat friction eventually ignites the core of hydrogen fusions, thus the reaction lead in creating the star.

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NASA explains the phenomenon saying that, when a gas cloud collapse on itself, the cloud’s own gravity cause it to contract and the contraction produces heat friction. Heat from the contraction eventually causes the core to ignite hydrogen fusion reactions creating a star. The observation of collapse motion caused lots of excitement among the astronomers, as these observations occur rarely.

According to NASA, these SOFIA observations have enabled scientists to authenticate theoretical models about pace of interstellar Collapsing and transforming into the stars. Spying this is extremely difficult as it collapses relatively fast.

 The conclusion were from observations made in the Southern Hemisphere in 2015, and were available in Astronomy and Astrophysics prior this year

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