New Offer from Vodafone to Boost Global Telecom Technologies Market

In an attempt to head in the war, Vodafone has released a new plan. The company this week has launched a new plan for student. Under this plan, the company is offering 1 GB of 4G data each day with a validity of 84 Days. This offer also includes unlimited voice calls along with unlimited SMS. The offer has a price tag of Rs 352. The offer is dubbed as “Vodafone Campus Survival Kit” and gives similar benefits to that of Rs 399 offer by Reliance Jio. This offer from Vodafone will not only attract the students and increase the profit of the company but will also boost global telecom technologies market. Let us have a look at other factors that affect the global telecom technologies market.

The main reasons that are causing the development to the global telecom technologies market are the increasing hard work that are done in order to install the 4G and 5G networks, growing infiltration of the technology all over the world, and the evolution in the IoT. The other reason that is propelling the market is the broad usage of the exaggerated services due to the rising demand from the industry for the non-linear media. Noteworthy breaks for the global telecom technologies market will be unlocked due to the introduction of the big data. Various leading market players have announced affordable network plans which are fueling the market. For instance, as stated above, Vodafone declared its “Vodafone Campus Survival Kit” offer thus up surging the global market. Huge investments are successfully made for the R&D processes of the telecom technology. Due to the rising number of businesses, various operators that are playing in the telecom industry since ages have enhanced the connectivity and capacity of their network which can be held accountable for growth of the market.

Conversely, hefty cost for deployment, maintenance, and up gradation of the devices utilized in the telecom technology is hindering the global market.

For now, the global telecom technologies market is surging due to various offers by entire telecom industries and its current players, especially the newbie Reliance Jio.

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