New Mattress Company Technology

New Mattress Company Technology

When you think about a company that sells mattresses for a living the first thing that comes to mind is a huge showroom with all sorts of beds laid out and ready for testing. Maybe even a smiling sales representative who you know will try to make you buy the most expensive product even though you don’t need it.

However, if you take a closer look at the new companies (Casper, Eve, Simba, ReST, or Sleep Number) you’ll notice a huge difference from the initial image. Even more, some of these are Silicon Valley companies so what are they doing selling mattresses?

Well, the answer is quite simple: new technologies are now moving from our screens into our beds in order to supervise the way we sleep. Of course, not all the brands I mentioned above sell smart mattresses, but they all claim that new tech is part of their product. Now, regardless of the fact that we’re talking about sensors which communicate with an external device or just the new technology used to make the mattress, the idea is the same.

New brands (more on this here: like to innovate and this gets them out of the crowd. After all, nowadays a mattress is more than just springs a foam – it is a surface that can be intelligent, can learn how we like to sleep, and can improve upon our patterns.

Companies that Use Technology to Create Mattresses

While the new tech doesn’t end up in the mattress per se, it is used to make the product which leads to innovative designs like the mattress in a box. This is how we moved from memory foam mattresses that became hot during the night, to gel-infused mattresses that are firmer and regulate body temperature more effectively.

New technology doesn’t necessarily mean new products, but it means better mattresses that adapt to our sleeping patterns and reduce pressure points due to newly designed inner-structures.

If it were to do a brand categorization, most modern mattress producing companies fit into this category. Out of the ones I mentioned above, names like Simba, Eve, and Casper fit perfectly.

Companies that Deliver Integrated Tech

On the other side of the medallion, we find companies like Sleep Number and ReST. These deliver actual smart beds that adjust to your needs and monitor your sleeping pattern. The adjustment is done either by changing the position of the mattress or by adjusting the temperature to your preferences. Some mattresses even accommodate two different halves so both partners can sleep according to their needs.

The integrated sensors send the data they collect to a phone or tablet and you get a detailed graph of your sleeping habits. This is useful in learning more about how to rest properly or discovering any sleep disorders on time.

Overall, the world of mattresses is changing fast and soon there will be a time when the old, regular mattress won’t have a place in our homes anymore.

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