The Mouse Pad That Every Games Should Own

We are pretty sure that gamers can narrate to a minimum one incident with a mouse pad that is not big enough, an unpleasant and sometimes annoying feeling when the mouse travels someplace it should not. Providentially, there are popular gaming mouse pads and they are in fact pleasant to have. Their distinctive big size provides a plenty forgiving space and surface for mouse movements of the gamers, than the more classic mouse pad that may be minor than a plate of dinner.

The Mouse Pad That Every Games Should Own

We are pretty sure that most people have some reasonable use for all new SteelSeries newest and largest mouse pad ever released—QcK XXL. Measuring 900mm x 400 mm (35.4 inches x 15.7 inches), which is almost long as a surface of a 3-feet cloth, which can accommodate more than a keyboard and mouse.

QcK, which is considered the leading Mouse pad in the world, is a tournament-level surface that has been employed by gamers to succeed more competitions and tournaments than any other mouse pad all over the globe. And this is the only reason why the company has given the tag line “Tested by the pros, built for you.”

Super-soft and durable material of the cloth makes the QcK a consistent and precise surface of gliding. The mouse pad has been upgraded for both optical and laser mouse. XXL is big enough and desk-sized for your mouse and very probable for your keyboard as well.

The back of the QcK sports a rubber base with non-slip property which gives customers extra comfort and avoid the mouse pad from downhill, no matter how livid the feat gets.

The QcK XXL is bundled in a huge box. As a note on what is involved in the box, the mouse pad has some stickers of SteelSeries that you can use anywhere. Brilliant idea from the company for promotion!!!

In a nutshell, the new SteelSeries QcK XXL mouse pad is one of its kind and can also be used as a platform to play a deck of cards. So from our side, we give a green signal to this product.

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