Microsoft Corporation to launch Skype-alike Dialer Android app for India

Microsoft Corporation unveils Dialer Android app, a less data-absorbing edition of Skype video chatting service aimed for the emerging Indian market.

The Indian market consists of millions of consumers all constantly requesting products and services tailored for their needs. Microsoft and Skype seem to be taking that seriously under consideration.

Skype is currently developing a new Android app called Dialer, exclusively for the Indian market and, according to a variety of sources, Microsoft is already testing this app.

So far, there is practically no big surprise, as the company had announced recently a beta version of the “Indian Skype”. Two people who are relevant to the matter, commented that Dialer is set to be released during the second week of December.

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But the news doesn’t stop there. Microsoft’s Dialer is said to be targeting markets with connectivity issues such as slow internet connection or unreliable access. Of course it goes without saying that in case the app turns out to be a success, Microsoft will probably make it available to other markets as well.

In addition the app potentially being a success, the American colossus will release a Windows Phone (Windows 10 Mobile) client of the app early next year. Though this statement ostensibly remains more of a rumour for the time being.

When asked for a comment on its plans for the Dialer app, a Microsoft spokesperson told Indian tech blog Gadget360:

“As part of the ongoing improvements to deliver the best experience possible to our users, we are always innovating and occasionally test out new features and functionality on small groups of users in different markets. If you live in India and have an Android phone and would like to get involved, sign up to our Pre-Release program via the Skype Community page. We have no specific news on product announcements planned in India to share today.”

Since Dialer aims at markets with connectivity issues as mentioned above, it will probably work with a 3G network as well as slower networks (like 2G).

So far all facts point to a lite version of Skype with a different name, so why would that be? Perhaps Microsoft plans to replace the default built in app that comes with any Android phone and then integrate a slew of Skype features to spice things up and defeat any potential competition. We don’t know yet whether video calls will be possible, but there sure will be video-sharing one way or another.

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In general, the Indian market shows a high demand on voice call apps, such as WhatsApp and Hike Messenger, and that goes for even the younger generations who are owning a smartphone for the first time. It is worth noting that this costs Skype several users and customers, so the light and smooth app called Dialer is probably a way for Microsoft to slowly get back on the game.

On the other hand, this will not go unseen by rival companies who ought to make a move soon as a response. So stay tuned to see what anyone’s next move will be.

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