Microsoft’s Cortana comes to CyanogenMod OS

Cyanogen decided to implement a slew of Microsoft’s Windows features to its OS, among them being the digital assistant Cortana.

Cyanogen OS is an open source operating system. The company hopes to enter the duopoly of the operating systems industry and go up against Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

For the record, Cyanogen OS depends on Android distribution and will keep doing so for the next two or three years.

In the meantime, while trying to gain some ground, the company will embody some of Microsoft’s major apps and services to its next updated version of the operating system; including Office, OneDrive, OneNote, Skype, and Bing Services.

Of course, all those have been known since April, when Microsoft stated for the first time, that it would customize a number of services and bring it to Cyanogen.

The real surprise comes with the Bing Services, that as it turns out, also include Cortana, which seems to be powered by Bing.

Android and iOS already have Cortana available but only as an app. However, next year the digital assistant, known and loved mostly for her highly developed sense of humour, will come pre-installed and deeply integrated in the next version of Cyanogen OS.

The company’s CEO, Kirk McMaster, made clear that the goal is to serve as a head-to-head competitor of Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

To make things spicier, Mr. McMaster also referred to Siri by mentioning that Cortana is much better despite her poor ability to execute natural languages into a broader range of third-party apps and services.

Microsoft has already made one operating system that failed due to the company’s inability to establish a wider ecosystem between its apps and services.And a colossal company with such experience has definitely used that mistake to its advantage in order to learn from it.

Cyanogen, on the other hand, has the skillset to go far, but lacks the presence of strong partners that can help the company reach more consumers and increase its credibility.

Hence, it is logical to assume that the two companies can actually create an operating system that can make a dynamic entrance to the industry and shake the waters for all that matters.

It will surely be an interesting collaboration to keep an eye on, as things could escalate pretty quickly with the upcoming updates and services that Microsoft has in mind.

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