Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date: Tablet with Kaby Lake coming early 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will most likely be unveiled between March and June 2017. The tablet, which has been doing rounds in the rumor mills for quite some time, will be integrated with Intel Kaby Lake processor. It is expected that Intel will probably launch the new processor before April 30.

There were reports that the Surface Pro 5 was about to release this fall. However, Microsoft decided to wait till the release of Intel’s Kaby Lake processor. According to reports, the new processor will have enhanced functionality when compared to its previous counterpart such as Skylake.

If rumors are to be believed, Microsoft will integrate Windows 10 Redstone 2 with the upcoming Surface Pro 5. According to tech analysts, the Redstone 2 is considered significant since the operating system is the fourth milestone from the Redmond-based company. Whatever may be, you need not have to expect Surface Pro 5 since Microsoft has ruled out the possibility to load the new devices with the Windows 10 Anniversary edition.

Recently, an India-based software developer during his visit to Microsoft headquarters shared the pictures with a wall containing all the forthcoming Surface devices. We spotted several Surface tablets including a prototype of the new Surface Phone.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date and Features

Talking about the features, the Surface Pro 5 features a rechargeable stylus coupled with either NVIDIA or AMD graphics. However, we are not sure whether Microsoft will tie-up with third-party graphics card manufacturers. If the new device ships with any of the graphics cards, you can expect the device to be marketed as a gaming tablet.

Like previous years, Microsoft will also release Surface Pro 5 tablet for the purpose of developers. Nowadays, nearly 70 percent of software developers based in the US make use of Surface Pro 5 for their software/web development purposes.

The Surface Pro 5 will also be baked with a USB Type-C port, which enables you to not only charge the device quickly but also transfer files quickly. There are reports that the upcoming tablet will provide support for 4K display protected by Corning Gorilla Glass technology.

Even though Microsoft releases the Surface Pro 5 with 4 and 8GB RAM, you can also expect a variant with 16GB RAM. You will be able to play games without any lags with a huge amount of RAM. However, you will have to pay the higher cost. Based on the available rumored specifications, the Surface Pro 5 will cost $100 higher than the existing Surface tablet for the base variant.

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