Microsoft Reveals AI-Based Automatic Threat Examination in India

Microsoft, the technology giant, will make use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) on the basis of automatic threat examination system to improve the safety of gadgets, the top official of the company claimed to the media this week in a statement.

“We are taking enterprise safety to a new stage via response capabilities and automated investigation as a part of WDATP (Windows Defender Advance Threat Protection),” Director for Windows and Surface Business at Microsoft India, Vineet Durani, claimed to the media in a statement.

Microsoft Reveals AI-Based Automatic Threat Examination in India

“We at Microsoft are intensely interested in safety and our policies for security are developed with the viewpoint that there is already an infringe, thus staying a couple of steps in front of anything that is out there,” claimed Durani. With the new capabilities of automation, WDATP can not only hunt for breaches in safety, but can also amend them, he further added. AI-based automatic threat examination system will allow users of Microsoft with insight to step against threats of modern day while also elevating the competence of the tools, the company claimed.

“With minimum 970 Million nasty activities being carried out by WDATP every day, one can never negotiate with safety,” claimed the Microsoft executive. The firm invests almost $1 Billion every year on safety-related development as well as research, Durani further claimed.

With the official launch of Windows 10 “Fall Creators” upgraded scheduled for October 2017, the company needs to remain one step in front in preventing and identifying safety threats, he further added. India is one of the biggest sufferers of cyber crime in the globe. The nation had encountered more than 1.4 Lakh cyber security assaults in the past 3 Years, as per the (ICERT) Indian Computer Emergency Response Team.

On a similar note, the company upgraded its flagship OS so that the newest generation of software and hardware devices of Windows 10 can click into virtual and augmented reality techs, managers claimed last week. The software update, its 4th update, is provided from this month to current users of Windows 10 operating on over 500 Million devices, the firm claimed to the media.

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