Microsoft Corporation Xbox One is the top-selling console of October in the US, thanks to Halo 5: Guardians

A new report has emerged online, that has been confirmed by Microsoft as well, claiming that Xbox One has achieved the top-selling gaming console record of October in the US, beating Sony’s PlayStation 4 to it.

The rivalry between the consoles of the two tech giants has been an ongoing battle since Microsoft entered the arena in 2001 -Sony made its advent first, in 1994.

In 2013, both companies released their latest generation of gaming consoles, Sony with the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft with the Xbox One.

According to relevant studies, the reception of Sony’s counterpart has been significantly warmer than MSFT’s, resulting to a larger number of selling records.

Though, it appears that tables have switched sides this month, as the Xbox One has beaten the PS4 in physical sales. Published by NPD Group, unfortunately, the report does not share any specific numbers regarding the event. In addition to the authenticity of the research, Microsoft has confirmed the particular benchmark.

Xbox marketing corporate VP, Mike Nichols, has spoken about the achievement, attributing the success to the launch of the console’s most prominent – and legendary if you will- game, Halo 5: Guardians, as its performance alone, has resulted to record usage of the Xbox Live online network, the Xbox One being the top-selling console in the US (as aforementioned) and an 81 percent growth in sales compared to October of last year.

Furthermore, Nichols also mentioned that the game has achieved a phenomenal opening week, scoring US$400 million in hardware and game sales in the States.

Microsoft’s achievement is worth flaunting for, since it managed to attain it despite the fact that Sony dropped the price of its PS4 at the price tag of the cheapest Xbox One version, at US$350.

Though, we do not feel safe to reach to any further conclusions, as we are not aware of the exact sale figures yet, so, in case they are negligible, then there could be future implications for both companies, now that holiday seasons are drawing nearer- both Black Friday and Christmas.

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