Microsoft Corporation confirms Windows 10 November Update bug

Microsoft’s November Update for the Windows 10 – aka Threshold 2 – was removed from MCT (Media Creation Tool) and it wasn’t until the last weekend that the majority of users actually noticed the loss.

This meant that anyone installing the new OS from fresh, would have to go through the long process of downloading and installing the November update.

Removing the November Update from the MCT and not clarifying that it will be reinstated, grinded the gears of a plethora of users that now have one more reason to turn against Windows 10, along with a long list of other difficulties spotted on the OS.

Microsoft’s response given by one of the company’s spokesmen was:

“Recently we learned of an issue that could have impacted an extremely small number of people who had already installed Windows 10 and applied the November update (Version 1511). When the November update was installed, a few settings preferences may have inadvertently not been retained for advertising ID, Background apps, SmartScreen Filter, and Sync with devices. This issue has been fixed in the update that accompanies KB3120677.

For those customers who previously installed the November update (Version 1511), we are working to help restore their previous settings over the coming days and we apologize for the inconvenience. In the meantime, users interested in checking their settings can find them by going to Settings, then Privacy.

Select General to adjust the advertising ID and SmartScreen Filter.

Select Other devices to adjust your Sync with devices settings.

Select Background apps to review the applications set to run in the background.”

Things turned out fine – the problem lasted for a couple of days and is now fixed – but Microsoft should have let its customers know earlier of the situation as that would save them a lot of trouble.

Did you have a hard time installing the November Update? What’s your opinion on the Windows 10 so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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