Microsoft Band 2 gets major price drop at Amazon

The Microsoft Band 2 is now available for a cool $175 at Amazon. That’s quite a price drop considering the same until now commanded $249.99. There is a rider though; the special discounted price is only applicable to the medium size option.

That said, the other size version still qualify for a price cut though not as hefty as the medium sized version. As such, the small sized Microsoft Band 2 is listed at the Amazon site for $150.03 while the large sized version is now carrying a price tag of $174.99.

Best Buy has additional layers of sugar coating on the price of the Microsoft Band 2 given that it is now offering all Band 2 units for a flat $99.99. The above price is irrespective of the individual size option. This equates to a 60 percent drop over the original price tag of $249.99.

Also, such discounts are usually associated with stock clearance measures and companies resort to similar tactics as a run-up to the launch of the next-gen version of the same. As such, this could be the clearest signal of the impending arrival of the new Microsoft Band 3 that has been rumored for a tentative launch around October 2016.

However, details about the Microsoft band 3 have been sparse so far though the device itself might have already been leaked in the most interesting manner. That has been during a Microsoft Facebook live event held towards June-end. The Band 3 then was revealed when Panas Panay had rolled up his sweater sleeves which provided curious onlookers the first glimpse of the fitness band, albeit for just about a few mins only. Panay quickly rolled his sleeves down once he realized the mistake.

During the brief period that the fitness band had been on display, what seemed evident is that the device will have a more flexible and slimmer band compared to the current Band 2. That apart, there is not much that differentiates the Band 2 from the upcoming Band 3, at least from a visual point of view.

That is understandable considering that while the Band 2 has been acclaimed for its functionality and the value proposition it comes to offer, it has often been criticized for the band itself, which users complained being uncomfortable with.

That apart, the Band 2 comes with a host of sensors that can pick up heart rate, UV levels, elevation and so on. The data can then be posted onto the Microsoft Health cloud service for the user to tabulate and process further.

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