Meet AT&T’s Mobley, the device that turns your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot

DALLAS, TX-  AT&T Inc. (NASDAQ: T) Today’s technology has made tremendous leaps into progress of providing internet on the go for everyone in most parts of the world.

However, this is possible mostly in coffee shops, or bars…or at least it was so far.

AT&T wants to make sure that even the people who spend too much time on the car every day will have access to the internet, so in a collaboration with ZTE, the two companies created an innovative device that can turn practically every car today into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The device is called Mobley and it can be plugged into your car’s ODB II (on-board diagnostics, a data port below your steering wheel). It is powered by the car once you turn it on, so no need to worry about charging anything.

AT&T claims that the device will work on almost every car built from 1996 and after, which practically means that it can be put to every car hitting the streets today.

Connecting should be no problem for passengers as the device can allow up to five people to surf the web on the company’s 4G LTE network. That’s the solution all the parents have been looking for their kids who want to constantly connect to the web and get crazy when they can’t.

As far as pricing goes for the device, the value for money is in pretty good analogies, as you can get internet on the go for only $100 or even for free, in case you choose to sign a two-year contract.

Extra expenses include a monthly $10 dollar fee if you want to add the device to your Mobile Share Value plan. For those who do not own a Mobile Share membership, the options are $20 per month for 1GB of data or $30 per month for 3GB of data.

The device is available on AT&T stores and online for a couple of days now so don’t wait any longer. Turn your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot and access the web wherever you go.

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