“Measure And Explicitly Govern Technical Debt In Your Code”

Measure And Explicitly Govern Technical Debt In Your Code

With the help of automated code schema analysis, you can explicitly govern tech debt in your code and also measure it effectively. There are also several other tools available for measuring and assessing the quality of your code and also the database schema. Any disciplined and agile development team with an implement such tools in their continuous integration scheme so that you know the existence of tech debt, where it is located on the first and most significant step to address it. Measuring technical debt is a serious matter and most organizations that want to survive in the long run take it very seriously.

Look Out For Latest Trends

You should not only use the code schema analysis tool to measure technical debt but also keep an eye on the latest trends in it. There are different other tools for you to help like the code quality metrics, usability metrics, data quality metrics and much more to know the time to add features and time to address defects along with many other things. All this will help you to govern tech debt explicitly. It is true that most of the strategies will require a considerable amount of investment regarding money, time and effort and several organizations will not be willing to make such investment.

Understanding The Seriousness 

It is therefore very important to understand the seriousness of the issue and make the investment to reduce it at the earliest. It must be governed throughout in an agile fashion, and therefore, you must make your senior management, the shareholders and also the non-technical teams understand things. It will then be possible to measure tech debt and see the previous points and prepare for the fund to address it. You can check online to know more about the guidelines to govern agile teams more effectively.

One can even check out online how consolidating credit card debt is helpful and learn about it so as to make things easy and life simple. Getting relief from debt issues is easy with the help of consolidation.

Make It Your Culture

You should make tech debt management a part of your culture in the organization where al should understand and admit it and also cooperate in the effective refactoring or reworking on it. You must know that if tech debt starts to incur, it will continue to grow and accrue interest over time and it will not fix it by itself. Interests will be in the form of slower and much more expensive evolution of the already existing assets. Therefore, you should assess and address tech debt before you hand over the asset for release. When the sustainment and maintenance team receives codes which are debt free is a good practice, and such culture should always be followed. All this will help to keep the code quality high.

Accept Some Tech Debts

A few short term tech debts can be accepted for some tactical reasons. For a lean startup when you want to run a market experiment you may have to develop something very quickly or if there is a new component of the framework that is to be delivered by a different group of your organization you may have to write a small portion for the current use. Whatever is the reason, you must address and refactor tech debt always.

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