Sony, the popular tech giant known for its smartphone and other accessories, recently launched its Sony MDR XB950B1. And now, the company has added one for its range of headphones. The company launched the new Sony MDR XB550AP headphones. Let us have a look at the specs of the new headphones.

Powerful Bass

The bass offered by the new headphone gives more than just beat. The new Sony MDR XB550AP has the EXTRA BASS feature similar to that of the Sony MDR XB950B1 that will enhance the frequencies of the music. Similar to the Sony MDR XB950B1, the EXTRA BASS feature is enabled with a single touch.

Soft touch

Unlike the other headphones, the new Sony MDR XB550AP has soft covers and cushion pads that give a new level of comfort to your ears. This gives you an everlasting and life remembering experience. And more importantly, these cushions go with the style and do not appear as a different part attached to the headphone.

Take calls, switch tracks

The new Sony MDR XB550AP has the capability to switch tracks as well as receive calls, unlike most of the wired headphones. With a single button click you can receive calls and play/pause tracks. Double click allows you to play next track while the triple click allows you to play previous track.

Speaking about the color variants, the new Sony MDR XB550AP is available in 4 different color variants. The headphones are available in red, black, white, and blue color variants.

Lastly, the new Sony MDR XB550AP is priced for $59.99. Yes!!!! You heard it right. This is almost Rs 4K in the Indian market.

Well, unlike the Sony MDR XB950B1, which was priced for a whopping cost of Rs 12K, the new Sony MDR XB550AP will be popular in the Indian market. The reason behind this is the affordable cost. The features of the new Sony MDR XB550AP are so prominent that they are suitable for every category. Moreover, you have the ability to control the tracks as well as receive call while utilizing the headphone. This is definitely worth considering.


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