How Many Calories Rowing Machine Burns In a Day?

Are you going for the food shopping? Then there are plenty of things you add to your daily foods and meals. There are plenty of shows going on in the USA which based on the food and diet. According to the health department of the USA said that “10M people are suffering from Obesity every year and most of the heart diseases are happening because of the cholesterol.

If you are capable enough to workout at least half an hour a day, then you have higher chances of getting out of the obesity situation and need to make enough effort that can help you get rid of the extra cholesterol. The rowing machine is a full body workout machine which helps users to lose weight and also gain strength of their Arms and Legs.

In many cases, if you are sure that you can exercise a half hour a day then one can even lose weight because the CARDIO equipment will melt the extra fat in your body if you use it every day.

Calories Rowing Machine Burns

How Many Calories Rowing Machine Burns In a Day?

There might be different solutions out there, but if one is serious about losing weight, then nobody would deny the fact that R.M does a good job. If you cannot go through an intense workout like jogging or treadmill, then start using R.M which has low-impact on your joints.

Currently, almost 60% of the users who are using r.m at their home are happy with the results. It keeps your body and minds sharp, which means you don’t have to buy an extra machine later for daily exercise.


When you have a target on the board where you want to burn 1000+ calories in a day, then there is no doubt that you have to go through an intense workout. 

Workout: 1 – Beginners

Exercise for at least 20 minutes with a one-minute break, and it will help you lose a right amount of calories (2-3 Pounds in a week).

Workout 2 – Medium

Not everyone at the beginner level, which means you have to stay fit and exercise every day for more than just a few minutes. Set 1,000 meters target within 10 minutes, which is not an easy task for a beginner but if you are ready for the workout then so be it.

Minutes – Calories

If your intake is over 5000, then you should start with diet and also at the beginner level. Even if you had the experience of R.M. At some point, you would be ready for the intense workout, and you should start working out for an hour or so. You can even take breaks in between the exercise because it helps you regenerate your body strength and helps you calm down.

One and a half hour of workout can help you burn 2,500Cal. Consult your trainer now.


There are several aspects which involve in the burning the calories, but if you are not careful about it, then you can even hurt yourself. Always exercise under the trainer supervision or else you can damage your health.

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