MacBook Pro 2016 release date this fall with Touch ID and OLED touch bar

If rumors are to be believed, Apple is expected to unveil MacBook Pro 2016 during the fall season with several new upgrades and features such as Touch ID and OLED touch bar. The device didn’t get any serious refreshes for quite some time. Moreover, Apple is not willing to delay the upgrade since its competitors have already released new devices. According to BGR, the forthcoming MacBook Pro 2016 will arrive this fall and will be thinner and lighter than the previous counterparts. Earlier, there were rumors that the new notebook will be thinner and lighter than MacBook Air.

The MacBook Pro 2016 will accompany a Touch ID power button and an OLED touch-sensitive function keys. You will find a row of OLED sensitive keys above the display.

MacBook Pro 2016: OLED touch bar

Recently, a popular tech portal revealed that the OLED touch bar will be placed above the keyboard. Moreover, you will be able to access the feature keys with simplicity. However, the complete specifications of the feature bar hasn’t yet revealed by any sources. We expect that it should contain function keys and audio controls including notifications.

In the meantime, the Touch ID which will find a place in MacBook Pro 2016 will have the main power button. Even though the Touch ID is not a big step, it would be a welcome change for tech lovers who are bored by using standard controls.

If you look at the competitors, they have already started this type of technology. For instance, Lenovo has started to integrate Intel RealSense camera above the display. Moreover, several Windows PC manufacturers have started to provide a biometric option for secured unlocking.

Apple already developed the Touch ID technology since the same mechanism has been adopted in the iPhone series. The main question is whether the Cupertino-based company will integrate it into the forthcoming MacBook Pro 2016.

MacBook Pro 2016: Four USB Type-C Ports

In addition to the above-mentioned features, the MacBook Pro 2016 will be equipped with four USB Type-C ports. However, Apple will discontinue the MagSafe charging port since it lost relevance among users.

MacBook Pro 2016: macOS Sierra

At the recently held WWDC 2016 conference, Apple announced the beta launch of the macOS Sierra. The new MacBook Pro 2015 will be shipped with the final release of macOS with refined improvements as per the feedback gathered from beta testers.

Apple iPhone 7 Release

As previously announced, the iPhone 7 is expected to be unveiled during the first week of September. Apple will integrate a lightning port connector and ditch the 16GB internal storage to accommodate 32GB default space.

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